Walking With Karen

If you are going to buy Karen Walker dresses then be prepared to fork over a few pretty pennies, the dresses will set you back a week’s wage, depending on your wage if it is small wage then you are going to have to save up for about a month before you can even think about buying a dress from this designer.

You can find some of her designs at Myers so that should give you an idea as to what her pieces cost, they are catwalk fashion and as such that is what you are paying catwalk prices. Many of her dresses are very simple and slightly plain and just when you think you have her style figured out she whomps in a dress so dynamic and bright it damn near takes your eyeballs out. She combines simple elegance with slightly kooky details and sometimes it just makes a great outfit. Go here for further information regarding plus size dresses

She actually expects the wearer to enhance the outfit not the other way around, the clothes alone and on a hanger would not scream out at you to buy them but once they are on it is a different matter and that is what is deceptive about them. Many times an item of clothing is so striking that the person upon whose skin the material lies almost becomes of secondary importance. Karen Walker dresses definitely make the wearer the focus, if you don’t have the skin tone and colour palate for her dresses then they are not going to look good on you and you are not going to look good. They will wipe you out and you will look sallow and unhealthy, she has a trend for pale colours and understated clean lines that leave it all up to you to present properly.

The more vibrant of her plus size mother of the bride dress Australia you had better be able to handle bold bright colours and fabrics that cling and mould, if you don’t have a very nice pair of thighs then you are going to be upset by this designer she loves a good thigh high dress and a lot of her designs are about that hemline, there are of course the longer dresses but they aren’t as plentiful as the shorter ones.

It may be just the 2014 season that has captured the thigh in Karen Walkers imagination but by the look of the archive photos of her collections it seems to be a theme and I begin to think Karen Walker must have very good thighs herself and as such designs these outfits for herself, leaving the rest of us thunder clappers to wander lost and alone in the wilderness of fashion harshness.

At least her style is something that you could actually see yourself wearing and not just to some fancy do but as every day wear and not be seen as a freak wandering down the street. Some fashions are only to be worn in private and to the hilarity of family and friends.

Cheap Shopping Options

While some love shopping, others do it out of necessity. The smell of new clothes, new shoes, books, paper are what drives some of us to do better at work to find the money to buy these same things. For others, it is simply a matter of clothing themselves and finding something that fits in the house and serves a specific purpose and function. Whichever the case maybe, here are a few options of cheap shopping alternatives to help you out. If you are looking for new clothes especially dancewear, then this link http://www.primadancewarehouse.com.au/ might help you.

Shopping on the internet

This is the most popular and common way of cheap shopping in the modern context. The internet has opened up avenues which were previously not available and has made it possible for both merchants and shoppers to tap into wider markets to find the best price available. The global markets are spread across the world and is not limited through geography, thus, forcing merchants to offer the lowest prices possible and giving the consumer the competitive advantage of being able to refer and compare prices at a glance. From buying dancewear online to ballet and jazz shoes, to the more specific comic books, model figures for designs, electronic equipment, garden equipment, and the options are endless. Through the internet the consumer is now able to ship in from any country, anything they please. Thus, allowing the consumer cheap access to specialized markets without having to pay extra in taxes and intermediaries.

Flea Markets

These are a whole different shopping experience. Although most think it is limited to antiques alone, this is not truly the case as a number of other interesting items can be found on sale. However, it is important to remember, that if you are hoping to shop at a flea market, make sure to get to it before the actual opening of the market. Some of the most interesting items are bought and sold among the merchants itself and the earlier you go, the bigger the collection from which for you to choose from. With more people coming in during the day, not only will it be harder to find your way among the crowd, the best items may already be sold.

Farmers Market

The farmers market is essentially for all the household needs. Although the goods at the farmer’s market may not be as cheap as purchasing off the super market, it is guaranteed to be more organic and you will be helping the local industries to grow. There may even be a few unconventional dishes and items for you to purchase from homemade cheeses to jams to quilts and bedding.

Safety Tips When You Are Working In Construction Sites

There are so many accidents that happen in construction sites. Unfortunately, some of these tragic accidents are things that you can totally control with extra precaution. This is why you need to learn different safety tips and methods when you are working in these sites. Most probably you will be educated about these things when you join work. This is for your own good and for others own good too. So, we came up with some tips that will help you to be safe from all those unexpected surprises.

The machines you are working with

Normally before you start work, the company is responsible to train you on how to operate different machines according to the work you do. Many accidents happen when we try to operate new machines by ourselves without experience or proper monitoring. If you are the person in charge of your team, then make sure the heavy machines are operated by ones who are experienced in it. Not by the fresher. Try to stick to the machines you know to operate. If you are asked to shift for a new machine, then try to get advice in operating it before you start it by your own.

Safety gear you need

These things will differ from the work you do and the site you work for. But, as an industrial worker, you need to have the necessary safety gear always with you. You will be taught about the things you will need during your training period. Some of these general safety gears are protective goggles, gloves, face and respiratory protection gears. Not to forget your industrial workwear online the company provides you with. This will help you to keep all accidents at bay and specially protect you even from unexpected accidents. When you are buying safety gear, make sure they are all made according to health and safety standards with certifications.

Be on alert!

Another reason why so many tragic accidents happen is because you are not on alert and don’t pay attention to what’s happening around. It only takes several seconds for an accident to happen and for a person to fall from deadly height. Keep distance from the many flying, falling and moving objects. You will be able to save yours and others lives as well.

First aid to your rescue

It’s important that every construction company and service, teach their employees on first aid. This will help you to save a life from getting in to serious conditions when accidents happen and even from dying. You can even check for different workshops and courses that teach you on first aid and also the different treatments. Not just that, but you also need to have a first aid kit installed in the site. Having a small kit with you, will help a lot too in difficult and urgent times.

Wedding Planning Tips For A Bride To Be

Wedding is a very special day that is most cherished and most felt by any person. The bride usually gets to be in the limelight and it is necessary that every bride be concerned about their wedding. Marriage is meant to be a once in a lifetime step and every bride needs to prepare for it thoroughly. Following are some tips to the future bides to make the wedding planning a success.

Budget and schedule
The budget becomes one of the earliest step that pops up in the wedding planning priority list while the schedule of the wedding becomes the backdrop of the planning. The budget should be ascertained with view to overall aspects that are involved in the wedding. First you need to be aware of how much is generally spent for the wedding by your friends or relations who had their weddings and to which you attended. Since you have attended those you might have noticed the good and bad things that occurred in such wedding. You can tally the wedding and the amounts spent for that and generally set a budget limit for your own wedding. The previous weddings you have seen can also help you determine the schedule for your wedding. In the schedule you must list down tasks with the time limits. Some tasks need to be done early and such need to be done accordingly, see this great image consultant.

Reserve the best
Planning a wedding involves reserving a wedding hall or a hotel, a bridal dresser, decoration crew etc. The earlier you decide and reserve such the better your wedding will be. The good ones get reserved soon and you need to be quick if you want to reserve the best. If you check the diary of a good bridal makeup artist in Melbourne you will see that it is packed to a great extent. The hotels are no exception as they get reserved too very quickly. If you become quick and tactful you can reserve the good places whose prices are reasonable. There can be many places that charge an unnecessarily a higher price.

Brace yourself
Planning the wedding involves the self preparation of the future bride too. A bride to be has a lot of herself to be smartened up. Hair, nails, figure, complexion, skin, feet, etc need to be prepared to become a bride. It has to be remembered that the future bride should never be unnecessarily stressed out. It is necessary that she do exercises daily and have a balanced diet. Doing such will help her stay healthy and maintain a good figure as well.

How To Have A Great Hair Year

We’ve all been there. Years of straightening, perming and colouring our hair can get it to the point where it’s frizzy, damaged and starting to look rather worse for wear. At times like this you know that it’s time to make some changes so that your hair can look shiny, healthy and amazing. Here are some tips on how to have a great hair year, regardless of your hair type.

Repair the damage
Sometimes it is best to give your hair a rest. If you have spent years since middle school applying heat tools to your hair to either curl or straighten it as the case may be, then your hair may feel dry and brittle. Consider taking a break from heat tools this year or at least for a few months. At the very least give heat based hair tools a rest for regular use and only pull them out for a special occasion. If your hair has been falling out or thinning out then you may want to make an appointment with a hair loss dermatologist.

Consulting with hair transplant in Melbourne will give you an idea of what damage has been done and how you might prevent further hair loss. You may also want to look into getting oil or conditioning treatments that can promote hair growth and can rejuvenate your hair – helping it get strong and healthy. Your hair needs to stay hydrated just as much as you do.

Style with care
Give your hair a break from too many products and tools. Try making a switch to natural products with fewer chemicals. Start by getting a good haircut. A good haircut can make a huge difference. If you ask for one that requires minimal styling and that can be worn many ways then you are all set. Use coconut oil or almond oil as a conditioner and even instead of styling mousse. These oils will hydrate your hair and keep it looking shiny and healthy while also helping it stay in place. In addition, your hair will smell great! Lime and dill also make for great hair tonic. Today with the bed head look and messy braids being in style you can easily avoid styling tools and create a great hairstyle with minimum damage to your hair.

Keep healthy
Finally, if you want your hair to look healthy, then you need to keep healthy yourself. Eat plenty of protein rich foods and food with healthy fats. Salmon and avocado are great for your body and your hair! Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated!

Tips On How To Make You Saree Appear Sexier

With saree shops opening up all over the world and online, and the Bollywood fashion catching up even with the western world, it’s not the least surprising for us if you have managed to get yourself a saree.

Or is it something a little more exciting?

Is it that you have seen the pretty ladies in exotic sarees and wondered how it will look on you? Or have you been gifted a saree and you don’t know how exactly you’re supposed to wear it?

Whatever the reason maybe that you want to try out a saree, we’re sure that you want to look beautiful, elegant and sexy in it.
And to make sure that you look your sexiest best in your saree, we’ve put together a few tips that were suggested by fashionistas on this topic.

Select the right saree that fits your body.

Just like dresses and gowns, sarees too have to select according to your body shape. If you have a thin or very slim body, wearing sarees that sit a little “poofy” on it may be a good idea. These types of sarees make your body appear a little fuller, if that’s the look you’re after.

For the fuller, curvier ladies, it’s best to stick to the thinner, flimsier materials. This will ensure that the saree hugs the shape of your body, giving you a sexier look.

Remember though, the type of saree you buy, largely contributes to the style you wear it in. So make your selection carefully.
The blouse and the style of it.

The type of blouse you wear paired together with your saree also plays a vital role in the overall effect. The internet is filled with new and chic styles for an elegant and sexy saree blouse. Remember, fashionable doesn’t mean you need to show more skin than you’re comfortable with. Actually, many of the younger generation of today’s India is opting for the longer sleeved, fully covered, almost top like blouses so that they may play around with the draping styles.

Sexy jewellery for a sexy look.

It’s obvious that you are going to pair your saree with jewellery. Bangles and the “maang tikka” are the popular choice. Large Bollywood style earring do wonderfully if you’re looking for a simpler look, and don’t want to look too dressy. Depending on the transparency of your saree, and the length of your blouse, you can opt for belly button jewellery.

While we know that there is temporary belly button jewellery available quite freely these days, you may also opt for a waist chain instead, if you feel this might be too much for you to handle.

The hair and shoes.

While this is undoubtedly not a large aspect of your saree, it definitely plays with the final effect. Choose strappy heals or stiletto heeled shoes if you can pull it off, and if you are comfortable in them.

For the hair, it depends largely on how you drape your saree, and how simple the look you’re going for is. If it’s a simple saree that you want to leave loose and flowy, then do the same with the hair. If it’s something a little dressier, then an elegant bun with the right accessories should work just right.

Don’t hesitate to use loads of safety pins to hold up your saree if you feel more secure! Always think of your comfort first. Even the sexiest saree on earth will look wrong on you if you aren’t comfortable enough in it.

How To Buy The School Dress For Your Kids?


Preparing kids for their school can really be exciting for parents as it can bring back the excitement once again. But, gathering all the needful items for a parent who has more than one kid can be a bit stressful. School dress forms the most significant part of schooling, but knowing which quality would be better, how many to buy and making sure that the uniform meets the school standard can be really a tough job. Whether you choose to buy from a local shop or an online retail, a few tips would help to select the best.

Know which would be best

To make sure that you are purchasing the correct school uniform for your kids, you should first make a list of needful pieces that would complete the ensemble. Most reputed school uniform suppliers can help you to choose the most suitable pieces in terms of size and quality. The proper school uniform details are mostly given by the school authorities.

Most of the well-known school dresses are available widely, but those parents who’re child studies in private schools may encounter a problem of availability of school dresses. Such parents should go through the information provided by the school in order to understand what is required and what is not. Then they must try to find out a reputed uniform supplier in their area so that the student can attend the school wearing a well fitting garment.

Measure the dress accurately

While purchasing the school dress from a supplier, you should be familiar with the usage of measuring tapes. It is very important to measure the body of the child so that the supplier can provide a well fitted dress. Also, some schools have specifications in the measurements of dresses such as the length of the sleeves, the length of the skirts etc. While measuring the size of clothing for your child, you should keep the measuring tape in a horizontal position without it being too tight or too loose to be drooping. Normally, it is important to measure the chest, waist, hip, collar and height of the child. This will help the school uniform suppliers in Perth to provide a tailor made school dress for your child.

Check the size chart

In case you are planning to buy a branded school dress for your ward, it is important to check the sizing chart given by the particular brands to make sure you choose the best fit, especially while buying online. You should make sure to check the sizing for the child’s gender as small differences can mean a lot. If your child is really small, then you should consider getting two to three sets of dress for your child. Whether you are purchasing school dress for your only child or many, if you make a list of size measurement, it can really help to make the purchase easier and comfortable.

How To Throw A Beach Party

When throwing a party in the summer, beach parties are the first choice of many. Mostly because the rest of the year parties are all indoors and summer is the only time you get to enjoy a beach party. There are few main things to do when you plan to throw a beach party. There are many precautions to take.

The venue

This is pretty obvious the beach. Contact us for moreinforamtion about beach wear. But there are several types of beaches. When you are selecting a beach for a party makes sure it is a safe area. Ladies and kids should be able to walk around in their kaftans and bathing suits. Make sure there aren’t any red flags on the beach, and the beach is clear of any sticks and driftwood. This is not a pleasant thing to see at a party. Also make sure there are proper roads to enter the beach and plenty of parking around the area.

Decide on the time

Based on the guests the time of the party can vary. If your party includes a lot of kids, best is to the have it around noon or the morning, so they can enjoy it longer. But if your guests are adults you can have it in the evening so the party can go late till night.

Food and other equipment

When you are planning a beach party food is a much, you need to arrange plenty of drinks and snacks. Hire a caterer to do the food for you and there will be some waiting staff present to serve the food as well. When you arrange activities for yours guests, yo need to bring the required equipment, a surf board, castle making kits and it would be nice if you can offer some kaftans for the ladies. Also take some extra towels. This is a courtesy for your guests if you can take towels and other robes for them to use. Some may not plan to get in the water but it can happen accidently.

Get the permits beforehand

Some beaches require a special permit to throw a party. You need to check this beforehand. Talk to the council and check if you need any permits to throw a party at the selected beach and if so get it sorted quickly. You wouldn’t want the cops to shut down your party.

Be alert with the alcohol

If you are planning to have an open bar, think twice, alcohol and water are not good combinations. If you are planning to hire for one piece swimsuit few life guards and security guards in case of an emergency.

Tips For Selecting Good Sports Shoes

Engaging in any type of a sport is good for both the body and the mind. With the increasing levels of obesity in the world, many doctors are pushing the people to do a sport. You don’t have to be a pro at it, simply getting your body to move once in a while helps a lot in staying healthy. It helps you burn calories and feel fit. Engaging in a sport such as running, weight lifting, or simple workouts at home, requires a certain level of attires. For example you can’t play tennis in you swimwear. Most important part in any sport or activity are the shoes. Mainly because most of your body weight is falling on your feet and it is important to select a good shoe. Here are some tips to selecting a good sports shoe.
BrandMost people simply go buy from the most famous brand they know of whenever buying sports shoes. This is not a bad approach, however it is important that you research around and see what is the best brand for the sport you do. Some of the well known brands only cater to a certain limit. So for example if you are a track runner, you need good ASICS runners online Australia, at https://www.fitkent.com.au/asics-shoes.  So research and see what brand makes the best asics. The type of shoes required is different from one sport to another.
SizeWhen selecting a good shoe, you need to make sure that it fits you properly. The shoe should be too tight or too lose. Most of the time people buy the one size up thinking it will be better. But it actually isn’t. If you are a runner and the ASICS runners are not fitting properly, there is a higher chance that you may slip. Same goes with when you work out on a treadmill. If the shoes are too big you may slip and if it is too tight you may get cramps and other pains due to poor blood flow.
Avoid buying onlineWhen buying sports shoes, don’t buy them online, even though you know your size you still need to wear them and walk or run a bit and see if it fits you properly and if you are comfortable. The biggest mistake people do is that they buy shoes online and if they don’t fit properly they end up wearing the ill fitting once anyway. This can lead to many health issues.
ColourColour does not directly affect the performance. But it is good if you select a very calm colour for your shoes. If you are a runner and you run in the night, it is better to have bright luminous colored shoes so that people can see you and in case of an emergency they can easily spot you.